Septic Tank Cleaning

Here at AK Services we specialise in emptying and cleaning septic tanks for most properties. If your property doesn't connect to a main sewage system, you will need to empty your tank and that's our job! Ensuring your cesspit or septic tank is cleaned and emptied on a regular basis means your drainage will work as efficiently as possible and also means it is better for the environment.


We also provide installations and maintenance for septic tanks and provide cesspit emptying along with an emergency callout service for your convenience. Cesspit emptying should be done regularly and can be done by us on a yearly basis or on any timescale that suits your needs. Our specialist engineers use the latest technology for inspection and surveys and our aim is to provide clients with a fast, affordable service each and every time.

Other services we offer include soak away repair and maintenance and we provide our services to clients across the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. With years of experience to call upon we are renowned for our professionalism, reliability and dedication to customer satisfaction. All of our rates are highly affordable and we are a company who believe our main strength is our experience and high levels of expertise gained from years of septic tank emptying and drain installations.