Common Questions

What Is The Easiest Way To Contact You?

Over telephone is always the most convenient way to contact us. Call us either at +7891 341645 or 01473 822694. You can also email us at

Help! I Have An Emergency!

Don't worry, we offer an emergency callout service for your convenience. Contacting us over the phone for a quick response will allow us to arrange a prompt meet up to deal with your emergency.

Should I Trust You?

We have over 15 years of experience to call upon and multiple vehicles in our fleet. We are able to reach you in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. We are a fully registered business for a number of years now and we are licensed to dispose of waste with Anglian Water and licensed to carry waste by the Environment Agency (CBKE 5557NZ). You can trust that you are in safe hands.

How Can I Write A Review?

We would invite you to like our Facebook page if you enjoyed your experience with using our services. If you wish to write a review, you can do so by writing a review on AK Services Facebook Page.

What Areas Do You Cover?

While we are based in Hadleigh, Suffolk we cover the whole Suffolk area, North Essex and South Norfolk.

Get In Touch 

Have a message for us that isn't already answered on this page? Then feel free to send us your message through our contacts page we will reply back to you within 24 hours.